Jan 11

Suppression Systems Staff

Update from our Fife, WA office Salesman Ryan Schwalb

by Suppression Systems Staff

Suppression Systems is closing this month on a project in downtown Seattle.  We were approached with an idea to protect the digital assets of a large hotel group. In designing a new fire protection system for the hotel, a key concern was to ensure continuity of operations for the client’s communication and computer systems. The customer required a clean agent that would be effective against fires, residue-free and harmless to sensitive equipment, but without the environmental drawbacks of HFCs or the safety concerns of other kinds of extinguishants. By installing this system designed for use with Novec 1230 fluid, Suppression Systems was able to meet those difficult challenges. How much is your data worth to you?  Give us a call and we can propose a solution for you.

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Suppression Systems Staff
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