Aug 16

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IEP Technologies Explosion Suppression Systems

by Suppression Systems Staff

The Tacoma Export Marketing Company (TEMCO) partners with Suppression Systems Inc and Industrial Explosion Protection Technologies for installation of new explosion suppression system. TEMCO is the nation’s largest exporter of grain and second-largest exporter of flour.

IEP Technologies Explosion Suppression System is designed to detect the buildup of pressure during an explosion and discharge an explosion suppressant into the enclosed space before destructive pressures develop. The suppressant works by interfering with the explosion’s reaction, by removing heat from the deflagration’s flame front and thereby lowering its temperature below that needed to support combustion. The explosion suppressant also creates a barrier between the unburnt combustible particles to prevent the further transfer of heat.

Consider the devastating effects an explosion could cause in your manufacturing plant or processing facility. Your process could be shut down for days or even weeks. The business interruption and resulting lost productivity could put your company at a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace. The cost of insurance coverage could increase dramatically. Or even worse, your employees could sustain serious or even fatal injuries.

  1. The average dollar loss per explosion incident in a typical year is $3.4 million.
  2. Total losses from explosions are four times the amount of losses from all other causes including fire.
  3. Explosions account for less than 4% of all interruptions but nearly 40% of all losses.

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