Spectrex Flame Detection

Spectrex is a leader in the Flame Detectors field.

They are fully committed to enhance the safety of your employees, capital investments and to the environment.

Being the first to launch major innovations that have become trade standards such as the first UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detector designs we continue to offer over 40 different flame detector designs to meet application challenges from Offshore to Mall Floors, from Alaska to Malaysia.

Spectrex Inc. is fully committed to continue their innovative approach and development efforts to address the needs of the high risk - high value industries for reliable and unique solutions that provide effective protection against fires and explosions.

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  • 20/20MI – Mini Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector
  • Triple Spectrum Design
  • 80% Less Power Consumption
  • Highly Immune to False Alarms
  • Large Field of View (100° horizontal/vertical)
  • Sensitivity Selection
  • User-Programmable Functions
  • Configurable via software from a PC or handheld device
  • Automatic and Manual Built-In-Test (BIT)
  • Standard 4-Wire Connection
  • 4-20mA sink or source (3-4 wires) configuration
  • RS-485 Modbus Compatible
  • MTBF Minimum 100,000 Hours
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • FM Approval (Functional)

  • 20/20ML – Mini UV/IR Flame Detector
  • UV/IR Dual-Sensor
  • High-Speed Response
  • 50 msec Response to Saturated Signal
  • Large Field of View (100° horizontal/vertical)
  • User Programmable Functions
  • Configurable via software from a PC or handheld device
  • Immune to False Alarms (solar blind)

  • 20/20MPI – IR3 Flame Detector
  • Long distance Flame Detection (up to 140ft / 43m)
  • Large Field of View (100° horizontal / 90° vertical)
  • Highest immunity to false alarms
  • Output options (two models):
  • Alarm and Fault relay outputs (4 wires)
  • Stepped mA output (3 wire source)
  • RS-485 Modbus Compatible
  • Automatic and Manual Built-In-Test (BIT)
  • 3 Year Warranty

  • 40/40 Series Product Details and Accessories
  • Automatic and Manual Built-In-Test (BIT) - to assure continued reliable operation
  • Heated window - for operation in harsh weather conditions (snow, ice, condensation)
  • Multiple output options for maximum flexibility and compatibility
  • Relays (3) for Alarm, Fault and Auxiliary
  • 0-20mA (stepped)
  • HART Protocol for maintenance and asset management
  • RS-485, Modbus Compatible
  • High Reliability - MTBF - minimum 150,000 hours
  • Approved to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2 – TUV)
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • User Programmable via HART or RS-485
  • Hazardous area zones:
  • Zones 1 & 2 with IIC gas group vapors present
  • Zones 21 & 22 with IIIC dust type present
  • Ex approved to:
  • ATEX & IECEx
  • TR CU (EAC)
  • 3rd party performance tested
  • EN54-10 (VdS)
  • FM3260
  • Marine Approval
  • MED ‘Wheelmark’ approval (DNV)

  • 40/40I – Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector
  • Multi spectrum design - for long distance detection and high false alarm immunity
  • Sensitivity selection - to ensure no zone crossover detection
  • Marine Approval
  • MED ‘Wheelmark’ approval (DNV)

  • 40/40M – Multi IR Flame Detector
  • Multi Spectrum design – for long distance detection of hydrocarbons and hydrogen flames
  • High false alarm immunity
  • sensitivity selection - to ensure no zone crossover detection

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