Notifier XAS High Sensitivity Smoke Detector

The XAS Air-sampling Smoke Detection system provides a flexible detection solution to meet unique needs of challenging applications found in typical commercial and industrial sites. The XAS solution is well suited to installations where access to the monitored areas is restricted and provides tamper-proof and unobtrusive detection. The ability to mount the device out-side the protected area makes it ideal for use in applications such as correctional facilities, transformer vaults, cable tunnels, elevator shafts, and HVAC ducts. The XAS systems actively draw air from the protected area through sampling holes in a pipe network. Sampled air is then filtered before being analyzed by the analog point detectors incorporated in the systems. The XAS system is available in a single zone (Order as XAS-1-US) or dual zone (Order as XAS-2-US), and can be used with one or two detectors per system. The systems utilize a high performance aspirator and programmable flow monitoring circuitry. Air flow level is displayed on a ten element bar graph that can be adjusted for high and low flow thresholds, and flow failure is reported as a device fault via relays to the monitoring system. Compatible with NOTIFIER ONYX, FireWarden, and CLIP series Fire Alarm Control Panels.

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XAS Series Smoke Detectors Product Data


  • Single or dual zone fire detection.
  • Multiple piping options.
  • Multiple detection strategies.
  • 164 ft (50 m) max. per unit.
  • 50 ft (15 m) max. per flexible tube.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • High performance aspirator.
  • Integral display and programmer.
  • Field serviceable air filter.
  • Adjustable aspirator speed with airflow monitoring.
  • The systems may be configured for a number of detection strategies including:
  • single or dual addressable area detection.
  • redundant detection.
  • coincident or double-knock detection.
  • Approvals:
    • UL/ULC S24829


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