FenwalNET 6000

The FENWALNET 6000 Fire Alarm / Fire Suppression System Control Unit is a compact control unit that provides one signaling line circuit, four notification appliance circuits, two releasing circuits, and four on-board relays. Two of the four notification appliance circuits are user configurable to actuate one solenoid valve for control of a special extinguishing system or a pre-action / deluge sprinkler system. With 5.4A filtered and regulated power supply that provides charging capabilities for batteries up to 70 AH. The FENWALNET 6000 Control Unit annunciates alarm, trouble, and supervisory events via an 80-character, backlit LCD display with integral status LEDs. Event acknowledgment, alarm silence, and system reset are accomplished with dedicated control keys. Basic user and maintenance operations such as viewing history or isolation commands to initiating points and system outputs are performed via the control keys and associated digit keys. A security password prevents unauthorized access to the system.

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  • FenwalNet 6000 Panel Product Data

  • Distributed Intelligence to Sensor Level

  • Fully-Digitized Communications Protocol

  • Up to 255 Points without Device-Type Restrictions

  • Triple-R Protection Against InadvertentExtinguishing-System Activation

  • Inherently Power Limited

  • Peer-to-Peer Networking of up to 32 Control Units

  • USB Communications Port

  • Internet Accessible

  • Simple Programming

  • FM Approvals Project ID 3021638

  • UL Listing File No. S2422

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