Kidde Aries NetLink

The ARIES NETLink™ is one of the most technologically advanced intelligent fire alarm suppression-focused control units available to the industry today. It combines the high quality, system reliability, and flexibility required by modern commercial, high-tech and industrial applications in an aesthetically pleasing and physically robust package. Its modular architecture enables easy field expansion from the base 2-SLC unit that supports 510 addressable devices (255 per circuit) to an 8-SLC system that supports 2,040 addressable devices; 130,560 addresses available for a 64-node network. The ARIES NETLink is compact, fits between wall stud dimensions, and is designed to be quick and easy to install. Cutting edge technologies incorporated in the electronics design enable diagnostics for time-efficient commissioning.

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  • Kidde Aries NetLink Product Data Data
  • Triple R redundancy provides maximum protection against inadvertent release
  • Out-of-the-box features:
    • 2 SLCs with 255 unrestricted addresses each (510 total)
    • 4 x 40 Display Keypad
    • 4 Programmable soft-switches
    • 2 NACs and 2 R-NACs
    • 3 Programmable and 1 Trouble Form-C Relays
    • 2 Auxiliary Power Outputs, 2 amps each
    • USB ports for PC and printer
    • RS-232 ports for graphics
    • 120/240V, 50/60 Hz AC input
    • 5.4 A Power Supply Unit
    • Charging Capacity of 165 AH
    • RS-485 Annunciator bus
    • 2-Tier or 3-Tier NEMA 1 Enclosure - fits between 16”studs
  • Suppression systems include:
    • Kidde ECS HFC-227ea and FK-5-1-12
    • Kidde ADS HFC-227ea and FK-5-1-12
    • Kidde HP CO2
    • Kidde IG Argonite & Nitrogen
    • Kidde FE-13
    • Fenwal Spheres
    • Fenwal BDCs
    • Kidde IND Dry Chemical & WHDR Wet Chemical Systems
    • Sprinkler Supervisory Service
    • Deluge
    • Pre-Action
    • Foam
    • Foam-Water Systems
    • Combination Clean Agent plus Pre-Action Systems
  • Modular and expandable
    • From 3 to 8 SLCs (2,040 addresses)
    • Up to 96 relays
    • Up to 72 release/NAC circuits
    • Combinations of the above and/or functional modules
  • Networkable up to 64 nodes (130,560 addresses)
  • Flexible programming
  • High level serviceability and diagnostics
    • Ground fault detection by circuit
    • 10,000 event log capacity
    • Internet connectivity with e-mail notification feature
  • Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet MS/TP and BACnet IP compatibility
  • Backwards compatible with installed investment
    • SmartOne SLC devices & protocol
    • Kidde Control Heads
    • Actuators
    • Legacy PEGAsys panels via simple retrofit kit
  • Seamlessly integrated HSSD, ASD and LHD
  • Pluggable terminal blocks
  • User Interface 4 x 40 display supports 4 languages: English, French Canadian, Spanish and Portuguese
  • French Canadian, Spanish and Portuguese Language kit
  • Approvals/Listings:
    • CSFM Approved: No. 7165-1076:0195
    • California OSHPD Special Seismic Certification Pre-Approval, No. OSP-0286-10
    • NYC Fire Department Certificate of Approval: No. 6092
    • City of Chicago Acceptable for Class 1 Applications
    • RoHS compliant

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